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Hack Boxee box for root access

To hack your BoxeeBox you will of course need the Box, as well as a USB stick with at least 2GB capacity. You will also want to be sure you have firmware version 1.5.1 because this is the only firmware version this hack has been tested on. In addition to the USB stick you will also need to download the hack installer and corresponding files contained in a zip folder downloadable from github

Now that we have everything we need to perform the hack you will want to copy the contents of the "install" folder onto the USB stick. 

  • install.sh
  • debug.sh
  • uninstall.sh
  • support

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On your BoxeeBox go to Settings -> Network -> Servers. Click on "Enable Windows file sharing" and in the"Host Name" field enter "boxeebox; sh /media/BOXEE/install.sh". As soon as you back out of that menu you should see the Boxee logo on your BoxeeBox turn red. This means it's installing. This should take a while, because it's downloading the hack including the modified skin. After it's done the Boxee UI should restart and your new features await!

Source: GitHub

Apple TV Hack

Now some Boxee users may want to use this XBMC based software package to "hack" their Apple TV systems. Out of the box Apple TV's can only play media that has been downloaded through the iTunes store or media that is compatible with iTunes. As some of you may know iTunes is not compatible with very many media formats. By installing the open source XBMC based media center, Boxee, we are able to essentially "jailbreak" this device and free it from the media playback constraints imposed by Apple, allowing you to play over 30 different types of media formats streaming from your networked computer or from internet sources like YouTube. There are other, similar, hacks that will allow you to play DRM-free audio/video files on your Apple TV, however this is the first patch that will install a media center client. Hack Apple TV

What you will need:

  • Boxee Software
  • Apple TV
  • Blank USB Thumb drive
  • Firmware download for Apple TV
  • Mac computer
  1. Download/Install the ATVUSB-Creator
  2. Insert blank USB drive into your Mac
  3. Run the ATVUSB-Creator and select the firmware you downloaded (.dmg). Be sure to select the USB drive you inserted as the "target drive."
  4. Insert the USB drive into the Apple TV (powered off), then power on the Apple TV device. The ATV bootloader should run during power up. 
  5. After installation is complete remove the USB drive and restart the Apple TV.
  6. In the main menu click "Boxee" and select "update." This step will download the latest version of Boxee from the internet. 
  7. After all files have been downloaded from the internet, again restart your machine. It is recommended that you disable the Apple screen saver, however this is not required.
  8. Enjoy Boxee!

Hack Boxee for Ubuntu 11.04

You may be wondering why someone would want to hack the Boxee Software. This tutorial was developed in order to install(hack) the latest available Boxee software package on Ubuntu 11.04. Initially this was a difficult process that required us to physically change some of the software instruction files. In this case we trick Boxee into thinking that it is compatible with Ubuntu 11.04 by inserting some missing code in a text file. Simply by adding a zero to the end of a phrase of code in a file we are able to make Boxee and Ubuntu believe they are compatible with each other. This is actually fairly simple but requires us to be tedious while performing this  software modification. The process for changing the Boxee Software and then re-packing it in order to perform a proper installation is detailed below (Create New Boxee .deb file). 

Step 1. Begin by downloading the boxee.deb file from the boxee website. 

Step 2. Open a terminal window and enter the following


dpkg-deb -x boxee.deb tmpdir

Step 3. Enter "dpkg-deb --control boxee.deb tmpdir/DEBIAN" into the terminal window.

Step 4. Then enter "nano tmpdir/DEBIAN/control" in the the terminal window. A text editor will open and this is where you do most of the editing. 

Step 5. In the text editor locate this "libxmlrpc-c3" and change it to "libxmlrpc-c3-0" Save the file and go back to the terminal window.

Step 6. In the terminal window enter this "dpkg -b tmpdir boxee-hacked.deb" If done correctly this command should repackage the boxee.deb file and rename it to boxee-hacked.deb giving you a working boxee install.


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